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the European Commission has launched an open public consultation on the EU Economic Governance. The aim is to gather valuable information for the Commission to shape the new fiscal framework of the EU that will try to:
- Maintain stability in the EU economy
- Promote the twins Digital and Green transitions
- Ensure social fairness
We strongly encourage you to participate to the consultation due to its cruciality when shaping and implementing the green and digital transitions while recovering from the Covid-19 pandemic. The Economic Governance Review might allow local governments to confidently allocate spending in ways that promote sustainable investments and boost a fair twin transition. It is our duty to raise awareness of the needs we have in order to make the change happen.
As the consultation entails a number of technical questions, we recommend you reply only to those that you feel confident and capable to report on with solid knowledge.
The open call will welcome feedback from stakeholders until 31 December 2021

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