Grenoble Alpes - International

Grenoble Alpes - International Connections & Actions : what is it about and how should it be used ?

Nicolas BOHERE



This is an interactive platform where local stakeholders - companies, associations, universities and public institutions - can choose to publish their international activities on an interactive map. 

This platform has three goals : to make the international activity of local stakeholders more visible, to make it easier for those stakeholders to develop new synergies and to reinforce local appeal

Context : the internationalisation of the territory

Compared with other Metropolitan areas, Grenoble Alpes is particularly active internationally. Research institutions, universities, local governments, companies and citizens are widely connected to the global network. While the international activity of those actors has developed beyond France's borders, Grenoble Alpes has, in parallel, become a landing place for many organizations.

An International Cooperation Workshop led by the City of Grenoble demonstrated the need for more information about the international activity going on in the Grenoble Alpes Metropolitan area and the presence of international partners. This assessment was underscored by OBSY (Grenoble's local observatory network) who analyzes international activity in Grenoble Alpes.  

In 2016, the Municipality of Grenoble and Grenoble-Alpes Métropole launched a common initiative to open this platform that will allow actors to highlight their international activity. 

A platform designed for collaboration

Collaboration is the key word for describing this platform. In the context of this project, "collaboration" means many things :


A Collaborative Design Process

Grenoble Alpes International is a tool developed collaboratively with various partners that held regular meetings : Grenoble Alpes Métropole, the City of Grenoble, Université Grenoble Alpes, as well as representatives of the workgroup for local attractiveness.


A collaborative platform

Grenoble Alpes International Platform is intended to be a collaborative tool in which any Grenoble actor who carries out international activity can add this to the platform. The platform will only be as powerful as the strength, accuracy and regularity of its contributions.


The goal: International Collaboration among Grenoble-based stakeholders

In return for their contributions, local stakeholders will be able to identify international projects that may have a mutually-beneficial collaborative interest. Creating synergy between various members of the local community is the ultimate goal of this project

An ambitious platform with three goals


The platform is intended to create synergy between various local stakeholders working in the same geographical area or the same sector of activity. We believe that working collaboratively will lead to the creation of larger-scale and more sustainable projects.



Sharing international activities on this platform is a statement about what each actor is capable of accomplishing in any given sector. It is also the ability to bring together a diversity of skills and know-how that will contribute to the international influence of entities in Grenoble Alpes. 



The platform will also reinforce the attractiveness of the Grenoble Alpes Metropolitan area, its partners and its local stakeholders at an international level. This ambitious project is consistent with the international reputation that Grenoble Alpes already holds as a dynamic city, attracting new projects and talented people from around the globe.